Saturday, 25 February 2012

You got to have friends

I've heard many times that you should work out with a friend because you're more likely to do it, they'll help you push yourself, they rely on you to turn up, etc. I have worked out with friends a few times but never consistently. But my friend came over today and we went for a walk (before the sun went down so it was hot and I sweated off all my sunscreen) and because we talked the whole time I barely noticed we did it for 50 minutes. Then I didn't think we'd do any more when we got back home, but we were looking at a workout in a magazine and she talked me into doing it! We ended up doing 3 rounds of it which took about half an hour and it was great because if she hadn't been there I wouldn't have done anything!

I think that what I need my friends' help with the most is the more boring, hard stuff like strength training. I always plan to do them, design my own special circuits, look them up online, but I never end up doing them by myself! Or if I do, I don't push myself hard enough and don't do enough rounds. I think when there's someone else there you can encourage each other.

So we have planned to meet up once a week to do something similar and I'm really glad. I feel so much better after doing that with her. Even my skin feels nicer! (Although maybe that was the apricot scrub I used in the nice cool shower I had afterwards.)

Although I wish I could just walk everyday which I enjoy the most, I know that strength training is necessary so you have strong bones which is important for preventing osteoporosis and bad posture when you get older. Also, can't hurt that it makes you more toned!

Like I said, I've done it in the past but now I'm going to fully commit to doing strength training with my friends. I know I just can't do it alone, and you know what, that's okay! I freely admit that I need help for motivation in this regard.

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