Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My diet is none of your business.

By the word "diet" I am referring to what a person eats day to day, not the skewed notion we have these days that makes us think of fads, deprivation and guilt.

There is a great article I read which you can see here. It's about the constant (usually bad) food advice we're given by other people - family, friends and coworkers - which is often unbidden and unwelcome. Why do other people feel the need to judge what you are eating and try to get you to start the special elimination they happen to be on that week? Or to oh-so-not-subtly raise their eyebrows when they see you eating something which apparently is off limits?

I think all this does is create a culture of feeling guilty about food, sneak-eating and judgement. It's just so unnecessary. If you feel the need to be eating a gluten free, sugar free diet, then fine. More power to you. But please don't feel the need to push your views on others or make them feel guilty about how they choose to enjoy food.

People don't realise that all this does is make people feel worse, and in the end probably eat more.

The other day I ran into a co worker at the traffic lights just near our building. I held up my bacon and egg mcmuffin and said with a grin, "I got maccas breakfast!" and she replied, "Oh no, don't show that to me, I'm on a diet!" I really wanted to take her hand, shake my head at the sorrowful news I was about to give her, and say gently "I'm sorry, but diets just don't work." But obviously I didn't...I just laughed along with her. I'm not going to go round preaching to people (err...aside from you reading my blog, but hopefully I don't sound preachy...I would probably be preaching to the choir anyway :)) but I think my deed to society will be to NEVER make a judgement to another person about what they are eating, aside from of course,"That looks absolutely delicious!"