Friday, 2 March 2012

Thoughts on Body Image

Body image is a strange thing. I have a friend who tells me often that she's put on so much weight lately when I haven't noticed anything at all - to me she has always been beautiful and always looks nice when we go out. I have another friend who has one of the most beautiful faces ever, but she is uncomfortable with her body size. But I always think she looks amazing, and she always wear the most gorgeous dresses and outfits. So they both suffer from bad body image sometimes, even though to me they are lovely just the way they are. I guess it shows that most of the time you don't see yourself properly. 

Also, it's funny that people think that when they lose x amount of weight or look like this, they'll be happier. I know for a fact that's not true. People who have never had a weight problem and are quite thin aren't necessarily happy. I know a friend like that who has other issues she worries about. I guess it shows that body image can be a mask for other problems in your life, and you fall into thoughts like "Okay it'll be better when I've lost weight, all I have to do is go on a diet or start working out a lot," but really if that does happen you will still have the same problems you had before and you'll never be satisfied. 

No one is perfect and there are always going to be things we don't like about our bodies but I'm learning that we just need to accept that and appreciate all the good things about ourselves - and others too. I should treat myself like I do my friends - seeing the best in them. 

Nurturing is an important thing, like Dr Rick says. For me, things like going for a walk, doing my nails, having a hot bath, using body cream and putting in some extra effort when I go out can all make me feel good about myself. Also, maybe you could write down compliments people have given you in the past. A few people have told me I have a nice smile, even though I've always thought I don't! So, maybe I should start believing them more and smiling more. :)