Monday, 21 May 2012

Thoughts, Updates, Fitness

Hello! I'm getting back into the groove of blogging. I have missed it. Keeps me mindful.

Firstly I want to talk about two experiences I had tonight. One I am going to stay neutral and objective about, and just observe what I think happened. The other one is simply great.

Tonight I cooked ravioli for dinner. It was one of the packets you get from the supermarket of premade ravioli that you boil, and then you heat up the sauce that goes with it. So all in all, not a culinary masterpiece but it tastes okay for what it is. The thing was I was in a rush to make it because I had to go out to my volunteer meeting (that's another story I'll tell one day soon) so I had to eat it in a rush before I went out too. And I was hungry.

The perfect storm really. Not that anything terrible happened just that I pretty much stuffed it all in my mouth really quickly, and also I covered it entirely in parmesan cheese. Which I guess tells you that it can't be that amazing if I have to put that much parmesan cheese on! I just didn't get a chance to really sit back and enjoy it. And I realised while I was eating it too. But I think it was just a situation where nothing much could be done about it - I was in a rush, had somewhere to be, and was hungry, I had to make dinner because no one else was home to do it... I think it gave me a good opportunity to see how you can't fully enjoy the food when you don't focus on it and give yourself time to enjoy it. Luckily I wasn't too stuffed full afterwards, just a bit overfull.

Anyway, volunteer meeting went well and then, I had planned earlier today with my friend to go for a walk/jog in the park after our meeting. Which we did, and it was great! We only went for about 15 mins but I enjoyed it and got something out of it. I haven't done any strenuous activity of late and it felt good in my bones to get that blood pumping and my muscles working. Also I enjoyed being able to do it with a friend and chat at the same time.

Which leads me onto the next thing I wanted to talk about, fitness. I think fitness is an important thing that can be separated from weight loss. I want to commit to being active because I feel better when I do, physically and mentally. Also I want to be able to do everyday things such as walking flights of stairs without getting puffed out as much. And the feeling I got tonight from going for that walk/jog was so good. Doing that exercise showed I need to strengthen my back more as well because my upper/middle back is uncomfortable right now.

I'm so excited because on Wednesday I'm going to a ballet class! It's adult beginners. I did 10 years of jazz and a bit of hiphop but I have never done ballet before. I have always loved dancing and it's been the activity that I actually enjoy doing and love to do whether it's for fitness or not. So I'm super pumped to start up again. I'll let you know how that goes.