Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pilates - The Fundamentals

So I learnt a good lesson last week when I over-enthusiastically started practicing yoga - that you can injure yourself if you jump straight to more advanced moves you're not ready for. I have had upper back pain since last week coinciding with when I started yoga and so that's why I bought the two books about it, so I can learn about it properly, start from the basics and work my way up.

I decided I want to practice Pilates as well, to strengthen my back and core and tone my muscles. Luckily I already have the book "Pilates for Dummies" which I bought and read ages ago but never got in to. I think now I'm in the right mood for it or have the right attitude though. Anyway, I'm going to throw my ego out the window and start right from the basics, with the "Pre Pilates: The Fundamentals" part of the program. I'm going to do that for a week or however long I need to really perfect it and make sure I have the strength and flexibility to move on to the next level. I did it this evening and even at the basics level I can feel it in my abs!

I thought it might be a good idea to document as I go exactly what I'm doing, in case anyone wants to know later. These are the Pre Pilates moves I am practicing this week:

- Shoulder Shrugs
- Shoulder Slaps
- Arm Reaches/Circles
- Coccyx Curls
- Tiny Steps
- Upper Ab Curls
- Hip Up
- C Curve Roll Down Prep
- Balance Point/Teaser Prep
- Rolling like a ball (modified)

I'm sure you could find those online. So, that's it! I'll check in about that next week.