Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Yoga - I did it! (My journey to becoming fitter)

After my post the other day about not being that fit and wanting to change that, I set out to do something. That was to start doing yoga today, following some asanas (poses) that I found on the internet and pinterest. And guess what? I just did it! After going for a nice long walk with my dog, too! I'm proud of myself for following through on doing that.

(This will be me one day soon!)

So how do I feel after? Stretched out and relaxed. And I actually enjoyed it. I found myself incorporating exercises we used to do at the start of dance classes too. I would love to become more flexible and toned, and I know yoga has a whole lot of other benefits too, such as a greater connection between mind and body.

A lot of those poses are harder than they look, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of mastering them, day by day, bit by bit. 

I like the idea that I will be benefiting myself and my health just by doing even 5 asanas every day. It's something that can be done anywhere and you can do with a small amount of time or when you have lots of time on your hands. 

It's funny because in high school we had to do it for a P.E. lesson, and I tried it with a friend at the gym once. Both times I found it boring and not beneficial. I don't know what it is, maybe I'm just at the right place mentally, or maybe I prefer doing it by myself at my own pace, but I enjoy it now. 

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