Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I love this coffee + A couple of things I've been cooking

A lot of times I turn to tea and coffee when I feel the need for a distraction or a nice ritual or just something to consume (this would be very familiar to those who have given up something like sugar!) But recently I had been having trouble getting to sleep at night so amongst other things I stopped having caffeine after lunch. I already had some nice herbal teas from Tea Tonic, so I needed a good decaf coffee. I chose this one: Republica 100% Pure Decaffeinated which I found in Coles.

It was well worth the 10 bucks I spent on it because to me it tastes as good as regular coffee and the fact that its fairtrade and certified organic doesn’t hurt either! Now I always bring it to work with me and to my boyfriend’s house and it’s a nice ritual to enjoy after dinner instead of dessert.

Thought I’d share some things I've been making that are paleo/primal. This is a breakfast hash (recipe in the link) made with pumpkin and bacon and other nice things. Damn it was nice and I was able to use leftovers for lunch the next day as well! Excellent. 

The other day I made a simple salad for lunch:

I used baby spinach, tomato, avocado, crispy bacon and pan fried haloumi with a dressing of 1tbs olive oil, 1tbs apple cider vinegar and 1tsp mustard. Delicious and easy, woo hoo!

And now for a bit of a laugh here is a link to "The Many Stages of Eating Paleo." Love it!