Saturday, 4 January 2014

Qutting Sugar: Day #8

I’ve gone a whole week without eating sugar! I can’t believe I lasted this long. And it really hasn’t been too hard so far, apart from a couple of cravings that haven’t lasted for very long at all. Usually drinking water to alleviate thirst, or having some fruit gets rid of the cravings. Of course, I'm drinking lots of tea and I ordered my two favourite teas, coconut and spearmint, from Tea Tonic online and I can't wait for them to be delivered...

Today I almost gave in and got some 85% dark chocolate from the supermarket after I saw a Muffin Break poster that had Cadbury chocolate on it. I felt like I wanted a treat and it’s so dark it should be fine. But then I realised that I wasn’t so sure yet that I have cured my sweet tooth and I was worried that having some dark chocolate might snowball into eating more sugar. So I realised that I wasn’t ready yet. I mean, the whole point of this is to get rid of my addiction to sugar and reset my tastebuds so that I require less sweetness to satisfy me. Anyway, I think I would have been fine in the first place if it wasn't for seeing that poster!

After I have done 21 days of this (it seems like such a long time away right now!) I think my tastebuds really will have changed and hopefully I will have created some behavioural changes as well. But it won’t change the effect that sugar has on the body, making us want more and more and interfering with the hunger and rewards systems. So I think that avoiding refined sugar is something I want to do for life, and I would like to experiment with using dextrose and rice malt syrup to sweeten desserts/treats as they have no fructose.

I know I spoke about this in a previous post but I’m not entirely sure that binge eating disorder can ever be completely cured. I mean, it can be put into remission but I think it will always require some effort not to go back to old habits when times get tough. But I hope that one day I will become a “natural” eater that doesn’t eat out of compulsion but who eats something because I really feel like it and then feels no guilt about it later. I’d like to be able to keep certain food around the house but not feel like I’m anxious about when I am going to eat it. I guess wanting to be a “natural” eater but also wanting to avoid certain foods for health reasons and wanting to lose weight can be quite difficult to balance at times. Oh well, I’ll get there.

Anyway I am really happy with my progress.