Sunday, 27 November 2011

Patting myself on the back :)

It's good to remind yourself of the positive changes you've made, no matter how small. Since reading "If not dieting, then what?" in April this year I've made a big turnaround. So here are the reasons I'm patting myself on the back:

  • Because I allow myself to have treats and sometimes-foods, most of the time I don't get that desperate feeling that makes me want to binge.
  • I'm more nutritious - eating more fruit and veg, dairy, whole grains and protein
  • I've lost weight, albeit slowly and 4kg so far, but that's more than I have ever lost (which has been a big fat 0) from trying to go on perfect diets or eating plans or exercise regimes that I could never sustain.
  • I found today that I can fit into one of my favourite size 12 dresses again! YAY! 
  • I don't feel like I'm starting again all the time which always feels futile...I feel like this is just a constant healthy lifestyle. It never stops; when I have setbacks they are just part of the learning curve. I never have to "start again tomorrow".
So that is what I am congratulating myself for! Because those changes are for life and that is what is important. 

I'd like to work on being more active around my work schedule, and I think I'll read "If not dieting..." again so I can refocus on eating slowly and savouring my food.

Next post: what are my healthy values?