Sunday, 27 November 2011

What are my healthy values and beliefs?

When I discovered the non-dieting way back in April, I saw the light. It was such an epiphany for me, a change in outlook and a realisation of why I was having so much trouble. Now, after reading Dr Rick's book, learning from that and my subsequent experiences, I live by the following:

  • Listen to your body and eat what you feel like. Gradually you'll realise that most of the time you will want healthy food.
  • Eat when you're hungry and stop when you're satisfied.
  • Don't ever deprive yourself.
  • Be aware of your non hungry eating and the reasons for it.
  • Be active in whatever way is possible and enjoyable to you: any activity is good
  • Speak gently to yourself!
  • Acknowledge all small successes and changes in behaviour because they are the building blocks to lifelong changes in behaviour
  • Chuck out the guilt
Of course a lot of that is described and explained in more detail and makes a lot more sense in Dr Rick Kausman's book (which I can't recommend enough!) 

I am not perfect and I go off focus now and again; I'm still on my journey but I am getting there and these values and beliefs are making my life better and happier and healthier.