Thursday, 15 December 2011

Putting Away the Scales.

I reread the first few chapters of "If not dieting...then what?" last night and it reminded me of a few things.

First, that restricting what you eat actually makes you binge and crave food more. All the more reason not to fall for the lure of fad dieting, and not to engage with friends or co-workers who say things like "Oh I can't eat this chocolate cake, I'm being good," etc.

Secondly I've forgotten lately to listen to when my body is hungry (listen metaphorically). I'm going to make a huge effort to focus on that for the next few days, and try to only eat when I'm between 2 and 5 on the empty-full scale.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I've decided it's time to put away the scales once and for all. I had gotten quite obsessive, weighing myself every morning and sometimes at other times of the day. When I lost a couple hundred grams I felt amazing but whenever I'd gone up slightly it really brought me down, even though I tried not to let it to and I knew it was stupid. Sometimes that was the trigger for feeling a bit down, to then having a not-so-great day in terms of eating awareness, to just feeling crap overall, and then going into an off focus period.

I think reducing off focus periods is one of the most important things we need to do so to reduce the risk I am going to stop weighing myself so obsessively. Instead I will record changes in feelings, energy, how my tummy feels inside, and how my clothes fit to indicate how I am going. Maybe once every month or two could be a good amount - or just whenever I go to the doctor for a checkup.

Actually, in less than 2 weeks I am going travelling in the UK and Europe with a friend for 5 and a half weeks! So I guess now is a good time to stop weighing myself because I won't have any opportunity while I'm overseas anyway.

Which brings me to the idea of my next post - how I will cope when overseas with maintaining my non dieting principles and healthy vales. Until next time!