Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Goal

I think if you choose the right one, goals can be great - encouraging, motivating, and when you finally achieve them you feel really good about yourself. In the past I've often had several goals at once which resulted in me achieving none of them! So I have decided to choose one which I've wanted to do for years.

I want to be able to do the splits!

Okay, let me explain myself. I did dancing for 11 years, including jazz, funk and hip hop. I seriously loved it but that whole time, I was always one of the least flexible in the class. I wasn't dancing at an elite level or anything, just part of a local dance school that had (super fun) concerts at the end of every year. So it wasn't too vital but it was just always something I wanted to do. I haven't taken consistent dance classes for a few years, just random ones here and there, and I really miss it. I'd like to try it again next year and hopefully before then be able to do the splits. Although I don't want to set too stringent a time line so that's fine if I can't do it by then.

I've looked up stretches you can do every day to help you be more flexible. Wish me luck and I shall keep you posted on the progress.

Does anyone have a goal they are working towards? Or a goal they had in the past which they achieved - if so how did it feel?