Saturday, 31 August 2013

I'm so mad right now. At scientists, the media, pharmaceutical companies, magazines, ignorant people, doctors...

It honestly disturbs me the amount of misinformation out there.

People STILL think that fat is bad and that whole grains and wholemeal and wholewheat are good. It may be MILDLY better than white bread, BUT IT STILL GIVES YOU A GLUCOSE SHOCK - BECAUSE IT IS MADE OF STARCH!

Sorry for the caps lock, but I feel like I need to emphasise that point. Not to mention all of the other harmful properties of wheat. Don't give me that crap about brown rice or whole grain pasta either. Come on, people. What will it take?

I work as a phlebotomist and so I see a lot of the blood tests that are ordered for people, the clinical notes (i.e. why those tests were ordered) as well as what medication they are on because we have to ask every patient. The more knowledge I gain, the more I notice the links between these 3 things. And it disturbs me. For example, there was a patient whose clinical notes stated "myalgia, joint pain and weight loss". My immediate thought is that he should be tested for coeliac disease. Was that ordered? Nope...

And there are the people that are on 5-10 different medications at once, who actually have to get out a list of them from their wallet because they can't even keep track.

While my friends know that I don't eat any bread/potatoes/rice/pasta etc anymore, I tell them it's for the IBS and acid reflux, which is true, but I haven't really bothered with trying to tell anyone about how bad wheat is for everyone. I know it would fall on deaf ears, or they would say "But I can't give up bread!"

I'm much too cynical now and I know that there is too much invested in the pharmaceutical industry and bread/cereal food industries for change to happen anytime soon. Unfortunately, a lot of people are going to keep hearing that they should eat whole grains - in magazines, on TV and from their doctors.

All I can do is keep living this way for me, and if people notice a good change in me and are interested to hear about it, I'll be happy to tell them.