Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Evolution of This Blog

I was thinking recently that a lot of posts on this blog have started to contradict each other, but then I realised that what is actually happening is that the posts are evolving. As I've gained more knowledge, by reading books and researching on the internet, my viewpoint about health, eating, diet, exercise etc has changed a lot. See first when I started this blog, I'd just read "If not dieting, then what?" which really did change my life and helped me a lot in tackling binge eating. But while dealing with the behavioural and psychological factors behind over eating is really important, and helped me to make peace with myself and not feel like I was just a lazy pig with no will power, it doesn't address ALL the issues. And after a while I found myself creeping back to my old ways. I was still missing something.

After reading "The Glycemic Load Diet" and through other research I realised that the reason I gained weight around my midsection primarily, and found it very difficult to lose weight, was that I was probably insulin resistant, and I was eating HEAPS of starch - the fastest absorbed carbohydrate which gives your body a massive glucose shock.See previous posts for the details. And more recently I read "Wheat Belly" which delves even further into all the health problems that eating wheat causes us. And I found myself relating to a lot of things in that book, including IBS and acid reflux.

Now I have completely stopped eating all grains and not only have I lost more weight, but I feel a million times better. And I've discovered that a massive reason behind my over eating was that wheat has highly addictive properties to it. It feels good to know that it's not just behavioural issues that caused over eating, it was the food itself. Cutting it out completely makes it a LOT easier, and I find that I am just naturally eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm satisfied (most of the time). I mean, I've literally only just realised right now that I've been only eating when I get hungry. Which by the way, I think is a lot more natural than eating just because the clock tells you it's time to. I mean, wouldn't your body know better? It knows whether it has got enough fuel or not. Also, these days I actually DO have willpower. Especially when I'm out with friends, and see some beautiful food at cafes and restaurants that is starchy. I just say no, because I know what it does to me, and I think of all the nice things I can eat instead or can bake by myself later.

The only thing I don't have much willpower towards is one weakness :D