Friday, 1 November 2013

Update on my most viewed post

So I was looking at the stats of this blog and found that the most viewed post is this one where I was ranting about how the government started to encourage us to count kilojoules. Hey, I still think that's a crap idea. But since for some reason that is viewed the most I thought I better clarify that some of my views have changed since then.

I said, if you feel like a muffin then you should just go ahead and have one. Well, it depends on whether you can tolerate having grains and gluten and dairy. I think I would like to revise and say if you feel like a treat you should have one. And I was also a bit disdainful of the "low carb" diet. Ha, turns out that that is pretty much what I am doing now, being "primal". I eat all the vegetables I want and moderate amounts of fruit but I now know that grains aren't doing us any good at all. In fact I feel a billion times better now that I don't eat them. You have to find what is right for you.

But the main point of my post still stands true. After all, what the hell does the government know about our health? They are the ones that encouraged the horrible "low fat" idea, to our detriment. And I don't think it is wise or healthy or even useful to count kilojoules.