Thursday, 9 January 2014

Past the halfway point in my 21 day sugar detox!

So today is day 12 out of my goal of not having sugar in any form except fruit for 21 days. Woo hoo! I actually had to look up what day number I am up to, I had actually lost track because it has become such a natural thing. I have had a few desires to eat sugary things, but they have been pretty benign and I haven't been tempted to act on them. Rereading books like "Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar", "Pure, White and Deadly" and "Sweet Poison" have helped to keep me going, as well as knowing that in a few weeks I will try using stevia or dextrose in baked things. I'll be interested to see how I go with eating chocolate after a few weeks - whether I will find it so much sweeter and richer. Hopefully!

Anyway, I seriously don't know how people could think they are ever being deprived without sugar. This is what I ate today so far and what I will be having later:
- Breakfast: Scrambled eggs made with tasty cheese and cream, and crispy bacon on the side; an orange; and coconut tea.
- Lunch: Chorizo sausage with a side of sauteed spinach and garlic; 2 slices of grain-free bread toasted and spread with butter and jam; black tea
- Afternoon tea (at work): Chunk of swiss cheese, one of the energy bars I made with nuts and dried apple.
- Dinner: Chicken kebabs

I have to make a special mention of this butter. It is Mainland Butter Soft, which is soft spreadable butter, and it is soooo good to have with toast and so easy to spread, unlike normal sticks of butter you have to soften on the bench for hours or put in the microwave! Love love love.

Also, I am so happy to have finally broken my plateau with weightloss. And you know what has done it? Skipping! I knew I needed something high intensity and I knew I had a skipping rope lying around in a drawer unused. I have built up slowly, first starting with 6 sets of 20 skips, then gradually going up to 30 skips, and today I am up to 35 skips in a row. And it literally takes all of 3 minutes to do this, which appeals to me... My Just Dance 4 DVD also arrived in the mail so had fun dancing along to that! Hold the phone, I am going to do a more detailed post on exercise later.

Anyway I have to rush to go to work now because I just spent 10 minutes looking up the benefits of using a skipping rope!