Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Quitting Sugar: Day 10

I realised that it isn’t something I have to think about anymore. I just don’t eat sugary foods and it’s a natural thing.

I think I went through some withdrawal headaches on day 7 and 8 but they weren’t too bad, just had more water. I haven’t really noticed any other withdrawal symptoms e.g. crankiness or tiredness, at least not any over tiredness. I still occasionally get sugar cravings but I’ve noticed they are mainly when I SEE things that contain sugar – e.g. walking past the chocolate milk section in a supermarket, or seeing an advertisement for Cadbury chocolate. So the cravings come from outside, not from within me, if that makes sense. I’m sure if I was in a restaurant and there was a dessert menu with something like chocolate soufflé on it I would definitely feel the craving! I guess if I gave into that every month or so when I go out to dinner it wouldn’t matter too much – because then it would be what I want it to be – an occasional treat. But soon hopefully seeing advertisements like that won’t bother me anymore.

After I made the bread yesterday I worried that after having 2 slices of it with butter and jam I would just keep wanting more and I might binge on it – especially because it has sweet jam on it – but I didn’t. I mean, 2 slices at a time is enough for me and I’m truly satisfied. I had some for breakfast this morningJ Also, I still haven't eat all the apple nut energy bars I made last week, so I can't be having that many sweet cravings at home. All in all going very well and very happy!