Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I went out to dinner last night and had the most amazing Chicken Boscaiola. Chicken breast on a bed of green beans and broccoli, smothered with Boscaiola sauce and bacon and mushroom. I am so glad that I have finally acquired the taste of mushrooms! Afterwards we asked for the dessert menu and since it was a restaurant that catered for gluten-free I decided to order the sticky date pudding. Well, it was pretty dry and not that enjoyable and I regretted it after because I just ended up overfull. At the time I wasn't sure whether to have it or not - to have it as a going-out treat, or not have it to save room for the chocolate I will have over Easter. I wish I had chosen the latter but that's hindsight for you. I think that these decisions should be made before you go out to save you the trouble when you are there and aren't really objective. Well, I have learnt that lesson now. Although there is nothing wrong with a spontaneous treat of course, when you really want it. But the fact I was indecisive makes me think I didn't really.

Other than that I have gone well lately. I think that accepting that there will be hard moments to get through has really helped me. Because if we accept the fact that it won't always be easy, then we are prepared for those moments when they inevitably happen. So far in the past week I have just had passing urges to binge but have been able to swat them away fairly quickly. I haven't had to "sit through" any uncomfortable urges or distract myself - yet. But I am most certainly prepared.