Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Some thoughts on body image

Body image is a complex thing. I read this article yesterday and at first I thought it was really great that she was so happy for herself and comfortable in her own skin even though her body type is not the "cultural ideal". But then I read all the comments afterwards which made me read the article a bit more carefully and I realised that she was slightly knocking people who are "skinny" ie skinny bashing. I think that as long as we are bagging out any body type at all there is a problem, be it skinny, fat, pear, apple or whatever you want to call all those shapes and sizes that people naturally are, even when they are at their most healthy and fit. I think that you shouldn't diss other people to make you feel better about yourself. 

It's also difficult because there is a lot more "curvy" acceptance these days but I think that is mostly of the hourglass shape. But what if you're not built like that? What if you're an "apple" and you carry all your extra weight around your abdomen? It's certainly hard to feel good about yourself when you are like that. And it's hard to be healthy - I think I mentioned in a previous post about how it's most dangerous to carry extra weight around abdomen, and hourglass shapes who have larger thighs and hips (as opposed to waists) are much more healthy and safe. 

So I guess it's about accepting who you are but that doesn't mean not trying to be as healthy as you can be. I know people who are thin, some of them who eat a lot of junk and some of them who are like that because of healthy choices. I know people who are larger, some of them extremely fit, able to run many kilometres (such as the so called "plus size" model Robyn Lawley who is pictured above); and yet others who are like that because of lifestyle choices. So what size and shape you are isn't necessarily indicative of your health. That's why you shouldn't judge other people when really you have no idea what their health is. And also, knocking people who are overweight is just going to make them feel rejected and depressed which just exacerbates the problem (if overeating/non hungry eating is a problem for them).

Love, respect and look after your own body. If you're happy within yourself you shouldn't feel the need to pass judgement on other people's size and shape all the time.