Thursday, 1 December 2011

Small victories!

Last night when I got home from work something amazing happened! Usually when I decide to have a food (sometimes just for the sake of it), there's nothing much that can stop me after that decision has been made. I knew we had ice creams in the freezer and when I got home I wanted to eat one. I walked to the freezer and as I was walking there I was thinking to myself that I was probably just eating it for the sake of internal voice said "stuff it, ill have it anyway" but then! - I thought about how that would just make me feel bad afterwards, and I actually asked myself - would I enjoy eating it? And I realised I wouldn't- so I left it! That is huge for me. I decided to have a small piece of chocolate instead and I was happy.

I heard an ad on the radio recently about mums united, which is some sort of health or fitness company. It was saying "100,000 apples eaten, so and so many kilometres walked, 25,000 chocolate biscuits ignored..." and I just thought - NOO!!! This is why so many people fall down - because they are feeling deprived! Just listening to that ad alone made me feel deprived. It's not about ignoring the chocolate biscuits - it's about asking yourself if you really feel like it, or if you'd enjoy it...and then deciding to eat it or not. And if you do feel like it - then kudos to you I say. Savour that damn biscuit and watch the dieters around you go green with envy.