Monday, 28 November 2011

Omelettes and workouts

Yes this will be a post about two unrelated things. Firstly, I just wanted to share a really good omelette recipe I have discovered after experimenting with different ingredients. I think omelettes are great because they taste great and you can stuff them full of a bunch of different healthy things. I put in 2 eggs, a small clove of garlic, some diced ham, chopped basil or spinach, and grated tasty cheese. It tastes so good, it's just filling enough and you can have it at any meal. I love that I got my serve of green leafy vegetables today so easily!

Secondly, workouts. Well I always feel overwhelmed by all the different ones that are out there in terms of strength/resistance training. I usually end up stalling because I can't decide which one to do and I end up spending all my time searching for new and better workout routines. So I decided I'm just going to do them all! That is, I'm going to have a go at all the workouts I come across that I like, and I think mixing it up is best for your body because it is always being challenged.

Today I finally did one of them and I'm really proud of myself because I've been putting it off for weeks. It was a total body routine which probably took about 15 minutes...I only did one circuit of it and you're meant to do two but I think I'll work up to that. Well, it was a good workout and I was sweaty and red faced and puffed out after! My thighs are a bit trembly too so it's good to feel it working:) If anyone is interested I'm happy to share what it was. Although I'm quite sure no one even reads this blog at the moment haha.