Monday, 5 December 2011

Lessons and Mannequins

Today I walked past a lingerie store and saw two mannequins dressed in underwear, with jutting hip bones and visible ribs. It really hit home for me how extreme the fashion industry is getting, I mean if those mannequins were real they would probably have an eating disorder. I can't believe that is meant to be what we are aspiring to - to look skeletal. That mannequins in the background of this picture are similar to what I saw:

In unrelated news, I had a bit of a binge today for various reasons which put me in a pretty bla mood. I've decided to try and put a positive spin on it though, because if I beat myself up I will probably get in an even more negative mood which won't help at all. So I'm going to think about what I have learnt today.

I know one of my biggest challenges is when I get put in a bad mood for some reason or another, or I have a big night out or a dinner party, and trying to not let it affect my eating awareness and activity. Maybe next time I know something like that will happen I will plan ahead by making sure I don't have big quantities of sometimes-foods available or visible to me (e.g. buying a whole packet of biscuits at the supermarket today, when I could have just got one thing). I could also plan ahead for lunch at work so I don't end up in the food court unsure of what I want and then regretful afterwards that I had something I didn't enjoy. I think when you know you're going to be in a bad mood you shouldn't tempt yourself too much because you may not always feel rational at the time.

I'm not sure if that all makes sense and I don't want to give the impression I think you should deprive yourself when you're in a bad mood - not at all! But if you plan ahead then maybe on that day you could look forward to a nice cup of tea and some chocolate in the afternoon, instead of sitting at your desk all day with said whole packet of biscuits...  I don't know I'm just pondering here.

Anyone have any good ideas?