Monday, 11 November 2013

A More Sunny Mood

Writing my last post helped me to vent some frustration and I felt better not long after that because I had a look at my Pilates book and got excited to try a new section, about extra moves for the lower body. So today I did the beginners level section and then did the new lower body section. I made myself slow down and make sure I do all the moves with precision, because doing the repetitions in a rush to get it over with will do nothing for you really. I enjoyed the moves because some of them were reminiscent of what I used to do in dancing classes in our warm ups. I was proud of myself for doing that today because I very nearly put it off until tomorrow. 

I plan to do that again tomorrow as well as trying yoga again. I found it so challenging last time so this time I'm going to take a more positive attitude and just do what I can and remember that I will gradually improve, little by little. Even if I only do half the moves prescribed for the first week, I will do them with as much precision as I can and hold them for as long as I can. 

Ugh I had all these little random things to write about but I keep forgetting. Need to keep a notebook or something...or just write it on my phone.