Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Only 3 days until I leave on a cruise for 2 weeks to New Zealand! I'm so excited. But, I had been worrying about sacrificing my health during that time.

But I have been thinking that maybe I can use it as an opportunity to actually have time to focus on my health as well as relaxing and enjoying my stress. I mean, there won't be the stress from work and finding time to do everything because I can do whatever I want all day. So I can take the opportunity to make sure I have vitamin D, HCL supplements and fish oil every day. I can really focus on savouring each bite of delicious food available, taking the time to eat slowly and enjoy it and hopefully curb overeating. I can even go on relaxing walks around the ship or in the gym there. I can allow my body to rest and recover from a few months of stressful work days and not quite enough sleep.

But most of all I just want to allow myself to enjoy the time and not worry about anything.