Sunday, 22 December 2013

Quitting Sugar: Day 4

So, I've made it to day 4 of going cold turkey on sugar, and I've learnt a couple of things on the way. Okay, to be honest, I did fall off the wagon today! BUT I am not defeated at all. First things first, here's what I learnt:

- I found that the sweet thing I was craving was fruit. The thought of biting into a succulent, juicy peach seemed like pure heaven last night. But I didn't, by reminding myself that I can do that once I have gotten rid of my sugar addiction. So far I haven't craved chocolate...which is strange because I have always thought of myself as a massive chocolate lover who can't live without it. So I now believe I was consuming all those blocks of chocolate out of compulsion and habit, instead of actually wanting to eat it. Helpful to remember to ask myself "I can have it if I want it, but do I really feel like it?"

- When I'm at a gathering with friends or family or wherever there is starchy and sugary snacks on offer, I don't miss having those snacks as long as I have my own snacks available. So being prepared at parties with some fancy cheeses and mixed salted/spiced nuts to nibble on is extremely helpful. Same goes with dessert. At a Christmas party last night there was trifle and MANGO cheesecake (which I couldn't have eaten anyway because of the gluten) but I had brought my own super dark chocolate/nutty/coconut rough slice and I had a couple squares of that. I was perfectly happy.

- When you fall off the wagon, it's not the end of the world and you don't have to start again from day 1. Instead, learn from it. I realised in hindsight today that I had the flourless chocolate fondant cake from Adriano Zumbo pattiserie because I thought that I might be missing out on something if I didn't have it. It's not like I was particularly craving it. At least I know I lapsed on something amazingly delicious, haha!

After I started eating it it was really hard to stop. These quotes from Sarah Wilson's ebook really hit home to me:

"When I have sugar I can witness how my body just isn't sated by sugar...and wants MORE. It's a little scary."

"When I set out I wanted to feel clean and clear. But mostly I wanted to be free of sugar. Free of its grip. I wanted to be able to decide how much sugar I wanted."

This is one of the biggest things for me, too. I hate how out of control I feel when I am binge eating. How you are never truly satisfied. That's what I want to be free of.

- The ritual of drinking tea helps. Especially if you have a teapot. Tea tonic coconut tea is amazing. Also, especially in summertime, having a jug of water in the fridge is handy whenever I feel in the need of a cool drink or feel like wandering to the fridge out of habit.

So despite having that fondant today, I'm feeling like I am going really well. I have strategies for the parties coming up and for Christmas day, and if I stick to those I don't think I will fall off the wagon during that time.