Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sugar Detox: Day 1

So last night I decided enough's enough with this whole bingeing on sugar thing I've been doing lately and it's time to go cold turkey (not even fruit for at least a week, well until Christmas.) I googled "strategies for quitting sugar" and came across this lovely blog:

There were some good tips for going cold turkey there, as well as sugar-free treat ideas. The only problem I don't know which one to try first?! Coconut rough, homemade chocolate, chocolate nut crunch, tahini and honey almond balls, chocolate nut balls... I bought organic cacao powder from a health food store and I already have all the other ingredients. I think I'll leave the honey almond balls till later as they do use a bit of honey and I'm trying to go cold turkey. But all the other ones are completely sugar free. I'll post a pic when I make one of the recipes.

So, how is my first day going? Not too bad. For some reason I feel hungry right now even though I only ate about an hour ago, which was a salad with bacon, tomato, spinach, feta and pine nuts, and then a chorizo sausage because I was still hungry. I don't get it. Usually that would be enough for me. Maybe it's just my body yearning for sugar? Oh and about 20 minutes ago I had a spoon of almond spread. I bought that for the first time today and it is AH-MAZING. So yummy. Just by itself. But as a snack idea I might try it with apple slices as well.

I've had two herbal teas, one of which was coconut and was amazing. Planning to order that from "Tea Tonic" as it's a good sweet-treat alternative.

Also feeling a little tired right now, like I could definitely go a nap. But again I think maybe it's just withdrawal symptoms? But my tummy feels less bloated today too so that's good.

Anyway, will see how I feel tomorrow...